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Fossils of ‘Squawkzilla,’ 19 million-year-old cannibal parrot, found in New Zealand

Now that is an enormous chicken.

Nineteen million-year-old fossils of a big parrot that ate members of its personal species have been present in New Zealand. Standing as much as three ft in top, researchers have dubbed the astronomical avian “Squawkzilla.”

Identified scientifically as Heracles inexpectatus, the big parrot doubtless used its gigantic beak to eat members of its species and was the scale of a 4-year-old little one. Along with its gigantic top, Heracles inexpectatus weighed as a lot as 15 kilos and feasted on nuts and seafood, in addition to different birds.

“Heracles, as the biggest parrot ever, little doubt with a large parrot beak that would crack huge open something it fancied, might nicely have dined on greater than standard parrot meals, maybe even different parrots,” mentioned the examine’s co-author, professor Mike Archer in a press release.

Reconstruction of the enormous parrot Heracles, dwarfing a bevy of 8cm excessive Kuiornis — small New Zealand wrens scuttling about on the forest ground. (Credit score: Dr. Brian Choo, Flinders College)


“Its rarity within the deposit is one thing we would count on if it was feeding increased up within the meals chain,” Archer continued, including parrots “basically are very resourceful birds by way of culinary pursuits.”

The examine’s lead creator, Flinders College affiliate professor Trevor Worthy, mentioned New Zealand is “well-known for its big birds,” together with sure species of geese, eagles and others, however it is a reasonably uncommon discovery.

“[U]ntil now, no-one has ever discovered an extinct big parrot—wherever,” Worthy added.

Graphic showing the Heracles inexpectatus silhouette next to an average height person and common magpie. (Credit: Professor Paul Scofield, Canterbury Museum)

Graphic exhibiting the Heracles inexpectatus silhouette subsequent to a mean top particular person and customary magpie. (Credit score: Professor Paul Scofield, Canterbury Museum)

The examine describing the discover was printed within the journal Biology Letters.

The fossils have been present in Central Otago, New Zealand, close to St. Bathans, an space that’s wealthy with chicken fossils from tens of millions of years in the past, stemming from the Early Miocene interval.

“We have now been excavating these fossil deposits for 20 years, and every year reveals new birds and different animals,” Worthy mentioned.


Paul Scofield, Senior Curator at Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, mentioned the fauna of the St. Bathans offers perception into the “terrestrial birds and different animals that lived in New Zealand since dinosaurs roamed the land greater than 66 million years in the past.”

Though Heracles inexpectatus was by far the world’s largest parrot, it isn’t unusual for different birds to strategy and even surpass Heracles inexpectatus in dimension, together with the now-extinct dodo and the  kea, a parrot that’s practically 18 inches tall and is present in New Zealand’s South Island. Different big birds, together with pigeons, storks and geese, have been discovered on islands reminiscent of Fiji, Flores and Hawaii.

Worthy believes the area, which was as soon as a shallow lake surrounded by grassy wetlands, is house to extra unbelievable finds like “Squawkzilla.”

“Whereas Heracles is likely one of the most spectacular birds we now have discovered, little doubt there are lots of extra sudden species but to be found on this most attention-grabbing deposit,” Worthy mentioned.


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