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NASA’s next Mars mission will look for signs of alien life

NASA found an oasis on Mars that will have as soon as hosted life, and an upcoming mission to the Purple Planet goes to see if there may be any fossilized proof of aliens.

Two new research discovered that the Jezero Crater, the place the Mars 2020 rover is slated to land on Feb. 18, 2021, accommodates mineral deposits of hydrated silica, a substance that’s “significantly good” at preserving biosignatures.

“Utilizing a way we developed that helps us discover uncommon, hard-to-detect mineral phases in knowledge taken from orbiting spacecraft, we discovered two outcrops of hydrated silica inside Jezero crater,” mentioned the lead writer of the primary examine, Jesse Tarnas, in an announcement. “We all know from Earth that this mineral section is outstanding at preserving microfossils and different biosignatures, in order that makes these outcrops thrilling targets for the rover to discover.”

Lighter colours characterize greater elevation on this picture of Jezero Crater on Mars, the touchdown web site for NASA’s Mars 2020 mission. The oval signifies the touchdown ellipse, the place the rover might be touching down on Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/JHU-APL/ESA


In November 2018, NASA introduced that it had chosen the Jezero Crater, a 28-mile-wide gap within the floor, as the placement the place its Mars 2020 rover will land on the Purple Planet.

Jezero could have been residence to an historical lake and had rivers that fed into the lake. The presence of silica could possibly be an enormous coup for locating any fossilized proof of life, mentioned Jack Mustard, one of many examine’s co-authors.

The researchers used knowledge from the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) instrument on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and located two spots within the Jezero Crater that comprise silica deposits.

“The fabric that kinds the underside layer of a delta is typically the best by way of preserving biosignatures,” Mustard added within the assertion. “So if you’ll find that backside set layer, and that layer has a number of silica in it, that is a double bonus.”

This examine has been revealed within the scientific journal Geophysical Analysis Letters.


In a separate examine, revealed within the scientific journal Icarus, researchers used the CRISM knowledge to discover a “bathtub ring” of carbonate minerals alongside the interior rim of Jezero. NASA mentioned carbonate is useful for preserving historical life in fossil kind, particularly mentioning seashells, coral and a few stromatolites.

Color has been added to highlight minerals in this image of Jezero Crater on Mars, the landing site for NASA's Mars 2020 mission. The green color represents minerals called carbonates, which are especially good at preserving fossilized life on Earth. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/JHU-APL/Purdue/USGS)

Shade has been added to focus on minerals on this picture of Jezero Crater on Mars, the touchdown web site for NASA’s Mars 2020 mission. The inexperienced coloration represents minerals referred to as carbonates, that are particularly good at preserving fossilized life on Earth. (Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/JHU-APL/Purdue/USGS)

“CRISM noticed carbonates right here years in the past, however we solely just lately observed how concentrated they’re proper the place a lakeshore can be,” mentioned the paper’s lead writer, Briony Horgan, in an announcement posted on NASA’s web site. “We’ll encounter carbonate deposits in lots of areas all through the mission, however the bathtub ring might be probably the most thrilling locations to go to.”

It is unclear when the carbonates had been fashioned, however Mars 2020 deputy challenge scientist Ken Williford mentioned the mere presence of them is thrilling for researchers.


“The likelihood that the marginal carbonates fashioned within the lake setting was probably the most thrilling options that led us to our Jezero touchdown web site,” Williford added within the assertion. “Carbonate chemistry on an historical lakeshore is a incredible recipe for preserving information of historical life and local weather. We’re wanting to get to the floor and uncover how these carbonates fashioned.”

Earlier this month, NASA’s Curiosity rover detected oxygen “behaves in a means that to date scientists can’t clarify” on the Purple Planet. In June, Curiosity, which has been exploring the Gale Crater because it landed on Mars in August 2012, detected an “unusually excessive” stage of methane on Mars.

On Earth, methane is produced each biologically and geologically, though it isn’t clear what precipitated the methane spike on Mars.


Fox Information’ James Rogers contributed to this story.

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