One other day, one other Spanish film on Netflix. The Occupant (authentic title: Hogar) is a brand new, old-vibe creepy-stalker flick from writer-directors David Pastor and Alex Pastor (who wrote Tarsem Singh’s 2015 flop Self/Much less). And that outdated vibe prompts us to surprise not if, however when it turns into a Preposterous Thriller.

The Gist: Javier (Javier Gutierrez) has a tragic case of has-beenitis. As soon as, he bought gauzy, golden-hour-all-the-time existence through omnipresent TV commercials for kitchen home equipment. Now, he’s being interviewed for a place by two EFFING MILLENNIAL HIPSTERS who take a look at him as if he’s an 8-track tape of Chuck Mangione’s biggest hits. The rejection stings. After which he has to battle to get his parking validated. Unhappy trombone.

He drives his no-longer-affordable BMW residence to his even-less-affordable marble-caked Barcelona condominium with a beautiful view and that everlasting image of wealth within the films, a Actually Lengthy Hearth. It simply ain’t tenable. So his spouse Marga (Ruth Diaz) will get a retail job, son Dani (Cristian Munoz) strikes from personal to public college, he cans the maid and so they transfer into their rental unit within the El Carmel neighborhood like a bunch of (gasp!) middle-class folks. After a montage of crappy interviews, he sits within the Beemer, considering how he would possibly find yourself (shudder) purchasing at Kohl’s now, when he finds spare keys to his former condominium underneath the seat. He quietly breaks in, appears at pictures of the proper mom-dad-daughter unit dwelling there, eats a few of their corn flakes, and takes a dump on his former rest room.

Javier clearly grieves the lack of his privileged capitalist self, and resurrecting it requires abandoning the job search and getting artistic. He stalks the proper dad, Tomas (Mario Casas) to an AA assembly, concocts a phony story for his personal dependancy, sidles as much as the man and ultimately will get invited over for dinner. He sits the place he used to eat dinner, and meets Tomas’ spouse Lara (Bruna Cusi) and daughter Monica (Iris Valles). He doesn’t do something too psychotic at first, however the extra he worms into their lives, the extra he begins to resemble a type of gross, toothy sea worms that leap out of the sand to snare their prey.

The Occupant on Netflix: Stream It or Skip It?

What Films Will It Remind You Of?: With its privileged-class post-capitalist theme and crazy-person-from-a-’90s-movie protagonist, The Occupant is Parasite crossed with The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

Efficiency Value Watching: There’s slightly, slow-broiling Hannibal Lecter that slowly emerges from Gutierrez’s characterization. It’s not precisely authentic, nevertheless it’s fairly convincing.

Memorable Dialogue: Javier’s manifesto: “I’m going to seize life, my life, by the horns, with out asking permission or apologizing.”

Intercourse and Pores and skin: None.

Our Take: The reply is, on the tail-end of the second act. That’s when The Occupant turns into a Preposterous Thriller. Javier builds a reasonably precarious house-of-cards ruse, and the primary stiff breeze the plot whips up is an eye-roller of a doozy that instigates his inevitable last step into full-fledged, no-lumps, crispy-fried sociopathy. At that time, the movie ceases being a tragic character research and turns into a sequence of plot developments ball-peening our noggins with the corruptive evil of materialist, status-seeking pursuits. And the ending is dumb as hell — if the one individual desires to do a factor, why does the one individual inform the opposite individual that they’re going to do it earlier than they do it? As a result of they left their mind unaccompanied within the second act, and it ran off to be in a greater film, that’s why.

The Occupant is a well-made film with a wide range of considerate visible compositions and a mind for successfully moody lighting. It additionally meanders tediously for an hour with out actually creating its characters; these persons are collections of traits retrofitted to the plot so it’s about extra than simply its personal silly-thriller indulgences: Don’t be grasping, ya jerk!

Our Name: SKIP IT. The film is an extended, sluggish drag on a mediocre cigar, so possibly it’s higher after three drinks.

John Serba is a contract author and movie critic primarily based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn extra of his work at or observe him on Twitter: @johnserba.

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